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Scorpa Booty Short Full Weight Smother Scorpia is one of our main face sitters! She started when she was 19 and after sitting on one face, she couldn't get enough! She keeps coming back and looking better than ever! Here is sits full weight...

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Double MILF Smother - Pregnant We did several shoots with two hot MILFs, one being 8 months pregnant. Here the pregnant MILF is smothering the loser under all her extra weight, and her friend hops in her lap to even add more weight...

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In the Bath Usually, when someone walks in on a woman in the bath, she screams for them to get out, especially if it's her male sibling. Jaylyn isn't like most women. She sees it as an opportunity to get what she...

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His Face is Her Chair No one should ever turn down a beautiful Latina ass, especially one that is waiting for you. Well, Indira isn't waiting for you. But you can watch her boyfriend worship her ass, reenacting what he does...

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July gives him a punishment This loser's screaming for a punishment. Now he's bound on the floor and can't get away from July anymore. July gets the idea of giving him a serious facesitting - she uses her ass to take his breath away...

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Their first facesitting session

Category : Jeans Facesitting

Diana wants to try something new today. This shy beauty pinned down her girlfriend and wants to humiliate her on the bed. She sits down on Kitty’s face again and again and rubs her jeans ass all over it. Kitty can’t get away and her situation becomes totally escapeless as Diana binds her hands! Diana will repeat this session for sure as she had a lot of fun!

Their first facesitting session jeans facesitting pictures

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Smell my panties

Category : Facesitting Porn

It is time for Mercedes servant to serve as a cushion. She wants him to smell her panties and be a facesitting slave. With her black panties she sits down smack on his face. So he can only choose to either not breathe at all – or smell her ass!

Smell my panties facesitting porn pictures

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Facesitting and Buttdrops

Category : Jeans Facesitting

Just 18 years old but already pretty dominant. After she bound the slave with duct tape and shut his mouth she facesits him hard. She bounces up and down on his face and presses her jeans ass hard on his face. She even does some buttdrops on him and laughs at him. He can’t fight it – he just has to take whatever this young mistress does to him.

Facesitting and Buttdrops jeans facesitting pictures

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Blackmailed by the girlfriend

Category : Jeans Facesitting

Diana blackmails her boyfriend into facesitting. She wants it and her boyfriend can choose – either he allows her to sit on his face or she’ll end their relationship. That’s her way of teaching him some manners and making him understand who’s in charge in their relationship. Diana wants to use and humiliate her boyfriend – just like he deserves. And if he doesn’t do what she demands she’ll just dump him. But Diana knows that he’ll do anything and she uses this advantage without any shame!

Blackmailed by the girlfriend jeans facesitting pictures

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Facesitting cuckold slave

Category : Facesitting Porn

Bad luck for Diana’s boyfriend or rather ex-friend. He is still hoping to get back his girlfriend, but she has a new lover already. He is tied up in front of the couch and Diana is sitting down smack on his face with her ass, while she is exchanging passionate kisses with her new lover. Her ex-friend simply has to bear it. He has always been dependent on her, doing everything she wants him to do. Under the circumstances, this relationship can go on – but with the big difference that now he is only her seat cushion!

Facesitting cuckold slave facesitting porn pictures

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Suzy’s hot facesitting orgasm

Category : Jeans Facesitting

Merlina is sitting on the sofa and her girlfriend Suzy comes in! Merlina already knows that she has no chance against her dominant girlfriend! She can do with her what she wants! Suzy pulls on Merlina?s hair, getting her in the right position for some naughty game. Suzy wants to sit down on with her ass in extremely tight jeans on Merlina’s face. She enjoys sitting like that, changing position every now and then. Suzy let’s herself be licked to orgasm by Merlina – and afterwards, she gropes her girlfriend wherever she wants.

Suzys hot facesitting orgasm jeans facesitting pictures

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Jeansfacesitting – Kimberley

Category : Jeans Facesitting

Sexy mistress Kimberley really enjoys facesitting her slave! She wears a very sexy, tight, meshed jeans! This ass is just fantastic! Usually this loser doesn’t deserve to be so near her gorgeous ass!

Jeansfacesitting   Kimberley jeans facesitting pictures

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Category : Lesbian Smothering

Simone is in a trap but she cant hide. Esther is rubbing her ASS on Simones FACE wanting her to start to enjoy this game but Simones FACE is telling another story and it seems this game is not so fun for her.

ASS ON FACE lesbian smothering pictures

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Smotherbox Jeanssitting

Category : Jeans Facesitting

Jessica prepared her slave by putting him into the smother box and binding him so he can’t move. Again and again she sits on his face for a long time, pressing her jeans ass hard on his face and nose. With his mouth taped he’ll smell her jeans ass and nothing else! For Jessica this slave is just an ass cushion that needs to be punished under her ass – she’s for sure getting off on it. 8 minutes jeans facesitting with hot POV scenes!

Smotherbox Jeanssitting jeans facesitting pictures

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Chained at Chloe’s feet 5

Category : Facesitting Porn

He’s chained up and working in Mistress Chloe’s stable. She’s a hard Mistress, and really puts him through his paces in this clip. He’s ordered to crawl around at her feet, bound and helpless. Lots of sexy humiliation and mockery as Chloe makes him kiss her feet, taunting him as he grovels to her. Great foot domination, slapping, trample, bondage, whipping and foot smothering.

Chained at Chloes feet 5 facesitting porn pictures

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Candy Alexa’s hot orgasm

Category : Jeans Facesitting

Candy Alexa pulls out all the stops with her girlfriend and rubs her jeans pussy at her friend’s jeans pussy! She doesn’t dither for long – and is already sitting on top of her on the couch! This makes her extremely horny, and her big boobs keep falling out of her top! Then Rianna has to lick her jeans pussy and she rubs the head of her girlfriend against her jeans again and again! Then she sits down with her tight bubble butt on her friend’s face and rides herself to orgasm!

Candy Alexas hot orgasm jeans facesitting pictures

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Marianas Facesitting Obsession

Category : Facesitting Porn

What else can we say? This Latin Bombshell had us all crying. We all wanted to have our face buried deep up her amazingly, prefect, round juicy butt! Her legs were tight, her hair was beautiful but her aggressive Smothering style was flawless! No better butt to lose your breathe over than this one, a keeper for sure! Marianas’s Perfect butt was a delight to see in any position, but none more so than on Nacho’s entire face. Who’s ever said breathing was a requirement anyway?

Marianas Facesitting Obsession facesitting porn pictures

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Hot facesitting orgasm

Category : Jeans Facesitting

Nicky pulls Alicee to the couch by grabbing her hair. She makes her friend smell her jeans pussy and presses her face into it. But Alicee is fighting back – to much for Nicky’s taste and Nicky presses her head on the couch and just sits down on it with her sexy jeans ass. She presses her jeans ass down hard on her friend’s face – loves to be so dominant and feel her friend’s face under her ass and pussy. Then she also starts to touch Alicee’s jeans and gets even more horny. Humiliating and dominating her friend finally takes Nicky to a great orgasm and Alicee just has to take it!

Hot facesitting orgasm jeans facesitting pictures

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Klara punishes Mikki

Category : Jeans Facesitting

Mikki’s hands are bound to the legs of the chair and Klara has no problem to take advantage of her position! First she digs her high heel into Klara’s jeans leg – then she presses her hot jeans ass on Mikki’s face on the chair’s seat pad. Of course Mikki tries to fight back and turns her head to the side – but Klara doesn’t know any mercy and puts her back into position quickly. She tries around a little and then finds a position to even better control her friend’s face under her jeans ass. Now there’s finally no way back and Mikki just has to endure the pain and humiliation as long as Klara wants her to! In the end she gets a little softer and even kisses Mikki – but of course she keeps her bound – maybe she’ll use her once more today!

Klara punishes Mikki jeans facesitting pictures

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Dominant girlfriend Gina Gerson

Category : Jeans Facesitting

The blonde Gina Gerson today shows her girlfriend Any Frost how dominant she can be! First of all, Any?s ass receives a good spanking, making it burn all over! At first Any tries to resist, but she stands no chance against Gina! Any has to lick the jeans ass of her dominant girlfriend – and again and again her own jeans ass gets warmed all over again by a nice sweet spanking! Then Gina sits down on Any’s face so her girlfriend can get no more air to breathe! Gina uses her girlfriend and her face shamelessly to experience her orgasm! Then she sticks her tongue in Any’s mouth and kisses her hard!

Dominant girlfriend Gina Gerson jeans facesitting pictures

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