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Enormous Tits and Curvaceous Ass What loser could ever turn down a Latin woman with such enormous tits and curvaceous ass? The loser Andrea found definitely can't. But she's horny and ready for her ass to be worshipped and her pussy eaten....

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Serving Juicy Ass Carolina figures, why serve food on her dining table when she can serve her juicy ass. If you were hungry for food, watching her show off that juicy ass will have you craving something else. She shows...

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Caroll's Boy Shorts Even Caroll's boy shorts can't tame her bodacious backside. Do you think you or some loser could even attempt? Well, Caroll found a loser who swears he can. He starts off by gently kissing her luscious...

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The Fart Game! So today was the best day ever. I finally get to do a match with chadam after he pit me against Bianca. Now I get to have some real fun with him. I played it off like it was a regular match, but as I pinned...

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Can You Imagine? You're going to love Camila. She enjoys walking around the apartment in her best lingerie. She knows her big ass cheeks jiggle against each other with each stride. Now imagine walking in a room and seeing...

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Kissing, Licking, Biting

Category : Smothering Porn

After watching this video, you’ll be desperately searching for the gym Cory Chase and Jaylyn go to. They work out with little to no clothing. With asses like theirs bouncing around, you’ll be staring, pretending that you’re working out. They actually don’t mind it. They’ll even tease you with their round but cheeks. But you can’t touch. They have a lesbian gym slave to worship their asses. Their slave knows exactly how they like it. She sweeps her lips across their asses, gently kissing, licking and biting every inch of their cheeks. Their lesbian slave has a dog of her own. He worships her pussy as Cory and Jaylyn smother her face, giving her a hard facesitting. But, sometimes they don’t like be stared at. These two femdom facesitting hotties will make you choke for air, deep within their ass cracks. They even beat their loser with his own leather belt, humiliating him for being a short dick fattie. Both outcomes seem pretty fun.

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Leashed pussy eater

Category : Facesitting Porn

Leashed pussy eater facesitting porn  pictures

Full control over this huge stud boasting of incredibly manly looks is an almost intoxicating experience for Mistress Cody. She is up on top of him, riding his face, his big meaty boner is in front of her but… She doesn’t have to beat it at all! She doesn’t have to care about anything but her own pleasure and boy will she get a lot of it. She will sit on him until he licks both of her holes dry!

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Riding that tongue

Category : Facesitting Porn

Riding that tongue facesitting porn  pictures

Mistress Michelle is finally going to let her burly submissive fuckmate out from under the table – but that will only mark the beginning of his hardships. Watch this menacing swell get kicked around like a whining bitch, pushed on top of the table and facesitted. Yeah, baby – freedom tastes like the fragrant shaven pussy of his merciless young Mistress!

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Assault with a Deadly Ass

Category : Smothering Porn

Olivia gleefully sits on her slave’s face and squirms under his tongue as he licks her asshole. She berates her slave as she squirms and squeals at the feel of his tongue in her ass. An interesting thing about the making of this movie: There was an intern present, a sort of “gofer,” who absolutely refused to run out for coffee during a facesitting scene but steadfastly stood and watched, bug-eyed, as the action unfolded on the set. He did, however, have to leave the set three times during the filming to use the bathroom … and we are sure that the call of nature he was answering was placed by his hard dick, which was noticeably protuberant during the enntire filming. Some powerful movie, huh?

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When Face Meets Ass 2

Category : Smothering Porn

Tall Goddess catches a burglar in her house and deals with him her own way: She handcuffs him, facesits him, and demands that he eat her out. She tells him she’ll call the police later, but she wants to have her way with him first. Before she turns the burglar over to the police she’s gonna sit on his face and punish him herself, and make him go down on her and eat her out but good! Tall Goddess has a tall order of facesitting to accomplish. And it hardly sounds like punishment to us — it sounds like our idea of a wonderful time!

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The Terminatrix 2

Category : Smothering Porn

Tall Goddess takes Baldy through it all: Facesitting smothering, ass worship, some taunting and tormenting with tits she will not allow him to touch, and some HOM smothering. Baldy has definitely met his match in Tall Goddess. Baldy worships her butt-cheeks, then lies beneath her ass to se how long he can take having his air cut off. After the scene in which Tall Goddess taunts and teases Baldy with her tits, which she won’t let him touch, she offers her ass to smother his face with and does one damn fine job of it. It’s after that that she follows up with HOM smothering.

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Best Of Facesitting POV 17

Category : Smothering Videos

Best Of Facesitting POV 17 smothering videos  pictures
Nothing but up-close Point of View! 10 amazing scenes of asses and pussies right on your face. 60 Minutes of INTENSE POV FACESITTING AND ASS WORSHIP ACTION! So close, you can feel the body heat radiating from these goddesses. So real, your breath will be trapped under the weight of their flesh. You’ll be watching this movie in slow motion over and over as the Mistresses asses come straight at you! Mistress after Mistress command you to lick and worship their asses and pussies THEIR way. They command you to get on your knees and lick and kiss their asses. Watch in slow motion over and over this collection of some of the hottest Mistresses on the web. These demanding Mistresses grab you by the hair and drive your face into their holes while teasing, tormenting and threatening you. It would cost you hundreds of dollars to buy all the videos with these scenes in them and countless hours to put them all together in one entire collection, but we have compiled them all together for you for one low price! Lots of super-up-close SMOTHERING. Repeated VERBAL HUMILIATION. Ten So-Close-You-Can-Feel-The HEAT Scenes of Ass-Diving, Pussy-Pleasing Point of View! Eleven of the most beautiful Vixens that porn has to offer! These are your Mistresses, you are their always obedient slave. On your knees, buy this video, and start worshiping the greatest pussies and assholes in the world! Get on your knees and sniff them through their panties, through their sweaty yoga pants, and full-on naked. Follow their commands to lick their clits and their dripping pussies. Obey their orders to stick your tongue in their assholes, to make them cum with your lapping. Taste their sizzling holes as they humiliate and berate you. Bask in their dominance as they loom over you with their fleshy buttocks, steamy holes, and weighty tits. Then enjoy a special bonus scene of LESBIAN ASS LICKING POV.
Studio: Roman Video

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Tales from the Clit

Category : Smothering Porn

Calli, Belladonna, Mia, Princess, and Honey spectacularly overwhelm a hapless man. Three of the girls sit on his face, walk on his body, and giggle their way through it all. They seem to find it funny that he can’t breathe and that they are trampling him severely. They walk all over him, to his discomfort and their pleasure. Speaking of pleasure, rarely do we have the pleasure of seeing five girls in one movie, all ganging up on one man. It’s every submissive guy’s fantasy: Five on one. So if you can’t arrange to enjoy this kind of scene in real life, you owe it to yourself to at least watch this movie!

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Worship My Ass 1

Category : Smothering Porn

Michele facesits Baldy, smothers his nose in her twat, handcuffs him, tit-smothers him, and rides him some more. She absolutely buries him in her tits, which he has NO objection to at all! Michele rides Baldy’s face and smothers his nose in her twat. She smothers the handcuffed Baldy with her tits, then straddles his face and rides that face to glory. This is a great movie for facesitting devotees and smothering devotees, who like to see a man with his face totally submerged in womanflesh. Regardless of whether you are a tit man, an ass man, a twat man, or even a legs man, you’ll love the smothering in this one.

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Ass All the Way

Category : Amateur Smothering

Great heaping pair of natural knockers, perfect to smother with! Plus, she face-sits in (and out of) panty-hose! She sucks him and jacks him! And of course, more.

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Fist and Ass of Fury

Category : Smothering Porn

Dominant Sandra does a powerful lot of facesitting, and also gets her ass and twat licked, as well as strapping a dildo to the chin of her slave so that he can fuck her with it. This movie is all about face sitting and cunt licking and ass licking … but then, aren’t those some of life’s finer pleasures? Sandra smothers her slave with her pussylips before strapping the dildo to his chin. Both of them seem to enjoy themselves, and you will too, when you watch this movie, if you are into these same pleasures as are shown here.

Fist and Ass of Fury smothering porn  pictures

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Smother Love

Category : Amateur Smothering, Ebony Smothering

You’ve heard of “hair-raising stories”? This is an air-raising story, one in which a dark-skinned woman blocks the air of a fellow who lies on his back and allows the Dom to sit on his face and smother him. The film crew were taking bets among themselves as to how long the man could hold out. They had 9-1-1 on their speed dials, but nobody had to call for the paramedics. The only “death” was the fellow’s hard-on, which collapsed after he shot a large load. If you can imagine your face beneath the sweaty buttocks of a large, jiggly-cheeked FemDom, and if you get a rod-on from such imaginings, you’re going to enjoy this vid!

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Doctor facesits man

Category : Smothering Porn

In real life, it is the ladies who complain a lot, right? But in this case, it is this man who complains too much. This man is a patient in a certain hospital and he complains a lo…

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Ass Homage

Category : Ebony Smothering, Facesitting Porn, Smothering Porn

Ebony queen Angel Eyes shows off her fishnet bodysuit before ass smothering her latest victim in this sexy facesitting film. She orders her captive to lie on the couch, get undressed and play with himself while she sits on his face. The humiliation moves to the bathroom, where Ebony gets herself off for a bit before another round of forced facesitting.

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Category : Facesitting Porn, Smothering Porn

An ass worshiper gets his just deserts — er, desserts — uh, rewards — well, anyhow, he collects for his worship of the female posterior’s bunghole, when a beautiful blonde give him all she’s got.

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