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Licks, Kisses, Sucks Pamela has a really big ass. She loves to show off. Wouldn't you? This beauty also has quite an ass fetish. She loves smothering perverts, trying to find one that can really handle all her ass. Her loser...

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Scorpa Booty Short Full Weight Smother Scorpia is one of our main face sitters! She started when she was 19 and after sitting on one face, she couldn't get enough! She keeps coming back and looking better than ever! Here is sits full weight...

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Double MILF Smother - Pregnant We did several shoots with two hot MILFs, one being 8 months pregnant. Here the pregnant MILF is smothering the loser under all her extra weight, and her friend hops in her lap to even add more weight...

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In the Bath Usually, when someone walks in on a woman in the bath, she screams for them to get out, especially if it's her male sibling. Jaylyn isn't like most women. She sees it as an opportunity to get what she...

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His Face is Her Chair No one should ever turn down a beautiful Latina ass, especially one that is waiting for you. Well, Indira isn't waiting for you. But you can watch her boyfriend worship her ass, reenacting what he does...

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Clean My Ass 5

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Clean My Ass 5 smothering videos pictures
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