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Commando Smother "I'm general meanie hahaha, and I'm going to smother you good!". alika gets a tight grip of our 18 y.o. old boy's arms as her bum forms a tight seal over his face! He has no chance in hell against her!...

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Audition for slave 5 One more soldier has join the army of DuneFeet. Professor is not here anymore and we have inspire the slaves in our country to join us. Next slave has called on audition for slave by Teodora and Angel....

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Topless, Tight Undies, High Heels Rumor is Zoe loves walking around topless, tight undies, and super high heels. The other rumor is she has quite an ass fetish. She sees you staring over at her. She doesn't mind. She'll give you a show....

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Be my biatch 1 A new guy is here who likes to be humiliated and treated like a whore. JJ is the best solution for him. She knows how to convert a men to women. JJ also mistreats his nipples every clip. JJ sits on biatches...

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Mouth Grinding Pamela has a really big ass. She loves to show off. Wouldn't you? This beauty also has quite an ass fetish. She loves smothering perverts, trying to find one that can really handle all her ass. Her loser...

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Amazon Facesitting

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Big, blonde brutal babes! These two ferocious warrior women will crush you like the wimpy weenie that you are. Mistress Heidi Mayne introduces herself and shows off her heavy flesh in super close POV. Her thick thighs and bulbous butt cheeks spread, revealing her glorious holes as she disdainfully commands you to worship her.

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This clip from Amazon Facesitting by Roman Video features Alexis Texas smothering a horny fucker with her pussy- grinding it into his face and calling him a pussy while she crushes his face with her cunt.

Categories: Big Butt Anilingus Smothering Submales Blondes Femdom Fetish

Studio Name: Roman Video

Stars: Alexis Texas

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