Pure Smothering

Jasmine had quite the surprise for Mia today. They thought they were doing a regular wrestling match. Jasmine lunges at Mia throwing her to the mats. As she smothered Mia in a forward facesit, she said ” I have a surprise for you!!”. Jasmine jumped into a reverse and Mia was like “oh no you better not” !! As Jasmine wiggled her butt around she farted right in Mia’s Mouth. Mia struggled and kicked her legs around trying to break free, but Jasmine wasn’t letting her go. As Jasmine continued to smother Mia she let out random farts and told Mia to open her mouth, and said how does that taste, and literally kept humiliating Mia. Jasmine verbally trashed Mia while she continued to fart in Mia’s face. She told Mia to spread her ass cheeks and still kept farting on her.

Smothering porn scene features:

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Amateur Smothering