Amateur Smothering

Mikki’s hands are bound to the legs of the chair and Klara has no problem to take advantage of her position! First she digs her high heel into Klara’s jeans leg – then she presses her hot jeans ass on Mikki’s face on the chair’s seat pad. Of course Mikki tries to fight back and turns her head to the side – but Klara doesn’t know any mercy and puts her back into position quickly. She tries around a little and then finds a position to even better control her friend’s face under her jeans ass. Now there’s finally no way back and Mikki just has to endure the pain and humiliation as long as Klara wants her to! In the end she gets a little softer and even kisses Mikki – but of course she keeps her bound – maybe she’ll use her once more today!

Smother Sluts