Smother Sluts

This is one of those scenes that combine the best from two worlds, from the world of ebony facesitting and from the world of femdom humiliation. The babe in question is Carmin and she is this curvaceous ebony domina who loves wearing fishnet outfits when she gets her hands on an obedient slave. She puts a collar and a leash on this guy and the fun can begin. She spreads her legs and makes sure he is as deep inside her slit as possible. The guy is doing his best to stay alive as he is smothered in that sweet black meat. And just when you think his ordeal is over, she turns around and turns her huge ebony booty in his face. It is then his turn to do some ass worshipping and he does it like a good slave he is. At one point, you cannot even see his face as it is avalanched by that soft black meat. All the while, her slave is wearing a lady’s outfit and it does not bother him at all, as long as he can bury his face up that amazing rump that has more meat than you have ever seen.

Ebony domina takes charge and gets worshipped picture

Pure Smothering