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Amanda's Bushy Pussy For those who love a bushy pussy, meet Amanda. She's horny, bent over, only in a bra, and her ass poked out for you to see. She wants amazing ass worship and pussy worship. She needs someone to eat her...

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Smother mistress Jean Mistress Jean humiliates her slave by sitting on his face. She looks stunning in her undies - but he doesn't get to enjoy it as she smothers him under her hot ass. He's handcuffed and unable to defend...

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Barely There Bathing Suit Vanessa Lee prides herself over her meaty ass, slapping it, jiggling it right in front of her face. Her barely there bathing suit will definitely tempt you even more. She knows you would give anything...

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Irresistible Mariana B You're going to find Mariana B absolutely irresistible. She enjoys walking around the house in her best lacy lingerie. She knows her big ass cheeks jiggle against each other with each stride. Now imagine...

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Sabrina's Smother Zone! Shanya and Sabrina take it to the mats and each girl want to see who is the best of the best. Sabrina is tough, and strong in the upper body. Shanya was thrown through a loop by this and was shocked. Sabrina...

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Slap and Spit

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Clad in white satin and black trimmed exposed breast corset and fishnets, Maya could certainly keep most men awake and upright. Seems that hubby Jim Orlando has a bit of a sloth problem, which she sets out to cure – The HARD way! Maya straddles his face chiding him to give her what she wants. Whatever Goddess wants, Goddess gets! Making sure that his nose is deep in the crack of her ass, she chides him to “rise to the occasion.” But she has no intention of allowing him any release. Watch as her black lace panty-clad pussy exhausts his air supply and his face turns red and then eventually purple. How long can a man take this grueling snatch sit? Maya also delivers Hand-Over-Mouth smothering. Writhing underneath her grasp, his veins start bulging from his forehead. Maya has things well in hand when she grabs his cock and starts slapping it hard! Maya starts purring about getting the clamps out, and we are not talking about little dinky nipple clamps as she pulls out massive, industrial-strength clamps from the local Domme Depot and attaches them to the very sensitive skin around his balls and then starts pulling! To get the jaws fully open requires a two-handed grip. THAT is how strong they are! Pulling and squeezing the twins, Jim learns what pain really is as Maya pulls and twists his cock, contorting it. She jacks him, then slaps him. No release. No let up in the teasing or the agony. Again, Maya sits on the face of her lazy husband and gives him the full ass treatment.

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