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Smother mistress Jean Mistress Jean humiliates her slave by sitting on his face. She looks stunning in her undies - but he doesn't get to enjoy it as she smothers him under her hot ass. He's handcuffed and unable to defend...

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Barely There Bathing Suit Vanessa Lee prides herself over her meaty ass, slapping it, jiggling it right in front of her face. Her barely there bathing suit will definitely tempt you even more. She knows you would give anything...

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Irresistible Mariana B You're going to find Mariana B absolutely irresistible. She enjoys walking around the house in her best lacy lingerie. She knows her big ass cheeks jiggle against each other with each stride. Now imagine...

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Sabrina's Smother Zone! Shanya and Sabrina take it to the mats and each girl want to see who is the best of the best. Sabrina is tough, and strong in the upper body. Shanya was thrown through a loop by this and was shocked. Sabrina...

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Ass slave - smell Svenja's butt Come on get closer to Mistress Svenja's ass. She wants her ass slave to adore her ass, sniffing it. He has to press his nose against it and has to inhale all the smells. And he has to inhale through his...

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Face Riders

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Peter has committed the ultimate, and we mean the ULTIMATE sin: He has been rooting for a football team NOT supported by Mistress Francesca and Mistress Zana (who looks INCREDIBLE in her tight red fetish wear!). Now, that is an unendurable insult! So they force him to the carpet and chain his ankles to the staircase railing. With his stomach fully exposed, he cannot help but flail and wail as they slap his stomach with their hands and with leather straps. “Nice and secure!” cackles Francesca as his feet are locked into position. “I’ll get the rope!” Zana says. You’ll see every detail of the process as they bind his wrists together while Francesca buries his nose and mouth beneath her power pussy. Yet this knot-head still refuses to support their team! So they continue to subject him to the most propulsive and forceful twat suffocation any sub ever had to endure. “Oh, look at the pretty colors in your face!” Zana coos as she slaps his magenta cheeks repeatedly. Then she doffs her costume in order to bury his face beneath her nicely shaped tits. You may have seem double-bitch breast smotherage before, but nothing like this – and check out the way Francesca backs her ass up into his nose while Zana strangles him! “You hold his nose,” Zana directs. Francesca does so – he seems to turn purple! “I do know CPR,” Zana admits, “but I would never give it to him.” This is followed by foot-in-face suffocation and LOTS of delicious boob smotherage. These girls POWERDRIVE those pussies into his head! Believe it or not, he STILL continues to resist – so Francesca makes a sincere attempt to breast-choke him until he passes out. Then comes the ultimate in facesitting! “He can’t breathe, and he can’t move,” says Zana. SO Francesca strangles him while Zana shoves her feet down his throat! In the end, they TIE A ROPE AROUND HIS NECK–that’s right! They noose him into submission, combining the hangman’s approach with full-force pussy power!

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